Friday, 23 October 2015

The clocks of time

Thankfully the British Summer time clocks go back, but not far back enough for me. Fall is my favourite time of year because of the changes nature goes through and watching it happen is something special.
So I can't wait for my extra hour and always want to do something in that hour instead of missing it as I normally do.
Boy, do I need spare time.

What is spare time?
I have no idea, it keeps going out for a wander and taking my mind with it.

But if I had any spare time at all, it would be to go bungee jumping in Honolulu, scuba diving in the Maldives, or climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro. Actually that sounds all wonderful but how it would really go is someone like this. I would have a lazy morning in bed with the sun singing through welcoming the day in. The sheer thought of knowing I'm not going anywhere in a hurry or doing anything in particular sounds like perfection to me. Just taking the time for myself to have a mosey around the garden, speak to the cats/kids when I bump into them and the most worrying thought would be along the lines of deciding what time to go on a nature walk later that day.

In fact it is a bit of a shock to me when people who say they are bored, are not at the very least learning how to speak Swahili, Mandarin Chinese, or knocking out Mandarin Caprioska for breakfast Mary Berry style.
Jokes aside, this time lark is a funny old business.

Time is indeed going quicker and quicker, for me anyway, and I thought it was because my life was so fulfilling, but apparently it isn't!
The reason why it seems that time goes quicker can be explained scientifically. (Leans to skeptic side here) Scientists explain it like this: As you get older your memory capacity shrinks and you have less memory cells, so you don't hold as much information.

Therefore the older you get, the less time you think you have, because you don't store it as well. But you wouldn't remember all that anyway, so let's not worry too much.
I still feel as if I am missing out, hmm.
It doesn't impress me  and thank you Miss Know it all, who was so keen to tell the 'oldies' she worked with.
We had only happened to mention how Christmas/Easter comes around so much quicker these days (when you are over 40).
Read links at bottom of this blog to find out why you may think time is actually fleeting you as you get older.

An extra hour's luxury In October.

As I sat writing a blog on the day the clocks went back in October 2014  (yes, and time has flown by since then) I realised the day had once again completely disappeared.
 I could have sworn I was only onto my second cup of coffee since awakening from a refreshing sleep (which was an hour longer, so I had to have noticed that surely).

Nope, I slept right through that particular luxury. On checking times on mobiles and clocks and so forth when I first awoke, the time showed the usual time I get up, which was 7.30am, and first thoughts were good.
I still had to change the clocks back as I had forgot to do so before retiring to bed. Oh how lovely I thought, an extra hour to do what I wanted to do, in a time that I had to do it, and all at a leisurely pace. I had really looked forward to this time all week, as I am always rushing about and never ever have enough time in the day etc. So this was going to be me right back on track, this extra hour. I would spend it meditating, soothing my mind (and it needed soothing) and easing it into the day with a leisurely lie-in and an even longer coffee time before the world started to nag at me.  But the clocks had tricked me. They had automatically changed back themselves! How very dare they! Wasn't I in control over when they changed. I could set it 2 hours back if I saw fit. I didn't. My mind still lives in the days where you had to manually change them back yourself, none of this internet signal lark. Otherwise we will be sitting up waiting at 2.00am to see if they have changed automatically, because we will not be entirely sure that they will do so!

So I would like to decide what goes on in my house, thank you very much Greenwich Mean Time, and you can take your signals through the airwaves, or whatever changes the time automatically these days and put your heads together to think of something more useful to do, like tell the correct time, and not adjust it twice a year.

So where does this time go? The time leaves us and goes to the young ones, as they seem to have oodles of the stuff.
What do I do with my time? I create and work on 3 websites, write, blog, illustrate and promote, Then I schedule so many items in on 10 sites it is scary. So I have to schedule everything in really well to get through my work load. All subject to change of course, as it is with any family and also when life gets in the way. I also spend time in my amazing new group colouring with colour (I go here to get away from it all but don't tell anyone).
I love to illustrate, watercolour, colour, design templates and learn new skills in design and video. But most of all I love spending time with the family, looking at art and nature. Autumn is my perfect time, so I am taking time out to enjoy it. After all it will go by so quick, won't it?

I'm not entirely sure if  they even have the talking clock now.

When you need to know the precise time to the second. I hope I find the pause button soon, because it is definitely on fast forward at the moment. Time is a game played expertly by children, and over too soon for many.

Now in March we are told it should came in like a lion and out like a lamb ...but mostly it always seems to go out like a lion too. But they say the UK is going continental now. The little tin island is looking uncannily like the continent in a manner of speaking in regards to the weather. And who listens to the weather forecast these days anyway? Well, we still find ourselves looking it up online, or listening to it on the TV or radio. But we know they are mostly wrong. We know we have as much chance of getting it correct as those in the know with their satellite systems.
Because they are always wrong, and we are always right. You should always listen to your Auntie Mary when her arthritis plays up. You know there is a storm heading your way when she hollers.

Years gone by were totally different. It rained all the time. That all started the year that number 1 tune came out about 'brella ella's' I will not mention the full title in case it.. you know.. changes the weather again.
Although that year we did get a freak week of sunshine somewhere in the middle. So I will try not to be too English and complain about the weather too much. I shall complain about the time instead. Yes, those sleep robbing gits! Do us out of an hours sleep in March.  That's a vital hour for most people. The farmers these days have a lot more high tech equipment so they do not need an extra hour daylight! What do they do with it anyway?
I know!
They are spending the extra hour in bed!

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