Sunday, 15 February 2015

Turn an old book into new

 Have you ever found yourself looking at the mountain piles of books in your child's bedroom (or yours for that matter) and wondered where you could store them so you could fit some new ones in?
Its ideal if you have plenty of space or cool storage spaces, and very lucky if you have a book nook. But even if you have wonderful excess space you can still find it becoming overly cluttered, or it may just be time for a change or a good spring clean new look!
Then why not change the room, or add colour!

Books add colour to any room, or revamp a space up and give it a new colourful look that is bright and cheerful.

Some ideas to consider to add colour to your room.  

1. Hang some colorful curtains
2. Paint the bed and the walls
3. Use removable wall decals
4. Add colorful seating or large slouch cushion beanbags
5. Add colorful storage baskets

6. Create a colorful book display, add colorful books.
7. Hang books from walls and ceiling
8. Wallpaper an accent wall with your art
9. Add brightly colored tassels
10. Display a colorful quilt

11. Make a tent
12. Use colorful pillows
13.  Paint or paper the inside of a bookcase
14. Paint or paper craft your journal your sketch books or old books
15. Add a colorful cushion to your bench seating

16. Paint the door and your headboard
17. Add a brightly colored rug
18. Hang a map
19. Display a vibrant painting

What do you do with your excess books

But once you or your child have an excess of books, or books that are tatty, old or just not going to be touched for whatever reason, there are many things you can do to make a difference. You know those books that only ever gather dust. They must either go to a new home, or you make a new book out of them.
 Decide which ones are decent enough to go to a library or a charity shop. Even better to donate to shelters, or places where they can make a difference. Then there may be some decent hardbacks that have been scribbled on, or have a page missing, well if you like creating and arting, turn them into a new working journal. You would cover the inside pages with gesso, then you can paint, stick or blend any amount of colouring mediums to it.
Your imagination is your only limit. See links here on amazing images of colour and how to start building ideas for a new journal out of an old book   colors of the world
                                                                                               journaling -my- journal

Then there will always be the odd few old favourite books that stay with you forever. Those ones you still have today possibly from childhood. The loved books your childhood was made from; your companions of old, trusted and always near.
The good thing about keeping these books, apart from the obvious sentimentality, is the fact that one day you could look through them and realise they are now sought after, a vintage book! Wow, now you will never give it away (well, unless it was worth thousands).
I did find myself with a few vintage children's books and I love them on my new bookcase.
What can be better on a bookshelf than old books and new books together.
Why not look through and see if you remember any oldie books, or see if there are any here you still own.


Taking stock.

I think it is important in life to stop and appreciate the things around you. So many times we get caught up in our busy, daily lives that we really can forget how much we have accomplished. We are always striving for the next winning line, and hoping to soar over the next hurdle along the way. If as writers (or anything in life for that matter) you are always being hard on yourself or others, (there is something so negative about people who are too busy being good at spotting the downfalls of others, that they can hardly see their own shortfalls) then just stop for a moment and take stock of exactly what you have achieved so far. Do you write for the love of your family, or the love of writing? does it give you pleasure? then if so you are on the right path to success and or contentedness. Why would you want to come to the end of the journey so quickly? Why would you want to miss out on all the fun, learning, and love along the way? Let your story move in its own way and at its own pace.

If you are able to share your stories or any part of your writing, if one person is reading, or one person knows where you are coming from, then you are going the right way. Enjoy every minute of it and make the most of these moments that bring you to a new understanding.
Writing: always seems impossible until it is done.
 Be what you can, with what you have and at where you are.


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