Monday, 26 January 2015

Are you meant to be a writer?

If you didn't have anything to say, you wouldn't even think about writing, but you do have something to say, and you know it, so should you keep moving forward?

Because you were meant to be a writer.
 You are only interested in what writers have to say and those who love books. You can't understand anyone who does not read and gets thrills from even the sight of a new book. So you stick with your own species. If you’re a writer, you get inspired, but you also have to take advantage of that inspiration. Go with the flow of your pen or keypad once inspiration hits.
It can get weary when you find yourself always reminding those who interrupt you when working that you write.
 “I have to write” you say a lot to your friends and family. The ones who wonder when you will get a proper job. 

If you’re a new writer, you may not know where to start, or what is the best thing to do, maybe you will go round in circles until it all wears you out.
But If you have to write, you have to write.
If you are inspired to write a novel, then start today. Don’t wait for when you are ready, you are ready today! Even if it is just idea's, odd words jotted down,crazy sentences in the wrong order. Then there is the  messy handwriting notes, (Will you ever remember what they mean when you go back to them?) mad ramblings! Actually this is when you know you are going to write! Start and do it today! 
You really want people to listen to your words, the way you love reading other people's words!
Get it out there today, that little nagging voice always niggling away, and if nothing else, you will be able to relax once all the words that form little sentences then stories are on paper and out of your head!

Make a difference first to yourself, and then to others; yes today! 
  Writing is never a straight path, and when you find what works for you then you are off with the flow! But about that path... it can trip you up.
Then you can learn to look for the other paths too! They are also fun to walk or climb onto, even if at first they seem a little rocky. -Words by Karen Emma Hall

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