Saturday, 24 March 2018

Now in March as the saying goes, it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.

    Now in March as the saying goes, it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.

If only that were true every year.

This year the lion roared with snow blizzards and still continued to do so on the way out and apparently we shall have a white Easter. If you believe everything you read.

Not on your life will we have a white Easter.

The weather forecast is often right, and often wrong. So for argument sake let's say it's 50/50.

As you already know, top of the news has recently been the beast from the east. Those journalists love the stories that will make people sit up and read. Always looking for that particular story and the shock factor photo that will catapult them into the top trends. So they couldn't wait to put this horrendous news out about the beast of a blizzard that would stay most of February and March. It doesn't have quite the same headline effect as 'oh what a lovely sunny day we are having again'. So the news channels were reveling in the beast from the east stories and couldn't wait to tell us that more was on the way too.

 We have as much chance of getting the forecast correct as those in the know with their satellite systems. I check my phone and look at my weather app, it shows 39f and I look outside and it is sunny and warm. They have it wrong. Then 2 minutes later it changes and shows it has gone up to 46! See, I can guess just as good as the forecasters. All they do is stick their noses outside the same as we so. It's not rocked science. I could change their updates quicker than them.

You'd be better off listening to your Auntie Nelly when her arthritis plays up. You know there is a storm heading your way when she hollers. And she never gets it wrong.

Remember that year it rained all the time? As soon as that tune got to number one in the music charts it never stopped raining, in fact it poured from the heavens. Day and night. Some tune about 'brella ella's'. Don't guess and name that tune, in case you change the weather again.

Although that year we did get a freak week of sunshine somewhere in the middle. So I will try not to be too English and complain about the weather too much. I shall complain about the time instead. Yes, those sleep robbing gits! Do us out of an hours sleep in March. And that's tonight in the UK That's a vital hour for most people. The farmers these days have a lot more high tech equipment so they do not need an extra hour daylight! What do they do with it anyway?

I know!

They are spending the extra hour in bed!
Who needs spare time anyway?

As it happens I am really looking forward to my hour extra of sunshine at the end of the day this year. I am happily giving up my extra hour to enjoy more sunlight at the end of the day Summer nights here we come.

But if I had any spare time at all, (I don't by the way, I haven't had any spare time since the year dot.) it would be to go bungee jumping in Honolulu, scuba diving in the Maldives, or climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro. Actually that sounds all wonderful but how it would really go is someone like this. I would have a lazy morning in bed with the sun singing through welcoming the day in. The sheer thought of knowing I'm not going anywhere in a hurry or doing anything in particular sounds like perfection to me. Just taking the time for myself to have a mosey around the garden, speak to the cats/kids when I bump into them and the most worrying thought would be along the lines of deciding what time to go on a nature walk later that day, and choosing art material for my next project while watching the sun go down.

In fact it is a bit of a shock to me when people who say they are bored, are not at the very least learning how to speak Swahili, Mandarin Chinese, or knocking out Mandarin Caprioska for breakfast Mary Berry style.

Jokes aside, this time lark is a funny old business.
Time is indeed going quicker and quicker for me, and I thought it was because my life was so fulfilling, but apparently it isn't!

The reason why it seems that time goes quicker can be explained scientifically. (Leans to skeptic side here) Scientists explain it like this: As you get older your memory capacity shrinks and you have less memory cells, so you don't hold as much information.

Therefore the older you get, the less time you think you have, because you don't store it as well. But you wouldn't remember all that anyway, so let's not worry too much.

I still feel as if I am missing out though, hmm.

I an going to enjoy getting up after missing a full hour, have a shower to invigorate the mind, and disperse the grey woolen feeling of not enough slumber and too many late nights. Let's not look too long at the negatives, instead look forward to the lighter nights.

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