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If you wish to give your child the world, read to them.

If you wish to give your child the world, read to them - Quote by Karen Emma Hall
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If you wish to give your child the world, then read to them.
Read to them before they are born, so they can hear and recognise your voice.

Before you are wishing your child a happy first Birthday, they have already picked up more than they will learn in ther lifetime, so make sure you are reading to them very regularly by then, and it is a joy and a pleasurable time together to look forward to. Before long they are looking out for story time, bonding plenty, learning even more, and very soon can start to point at objects on pages.
Guide them by saying the words out loud, allowing them to see you have fun and enjoying saying the words out loud. Your child will recognise it as a fun and happy time, and associate reading with so many good feelings. Your child is learning the importance of language, and so many skills that will help them through their life.
As well as knowledge and enhancing their life academically, reading to your child stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It will soon come as easy as walking and talking.

The bond of reading together is enjoyable to you both and connects you in a beautiful world together. It allows the child to be more motivated where they soon may also want to read by themselves. They will see you reading and enjoying your reading time and pick up on the habits you do so quick. It is a time for relaxation and a time to look forward to. Your habits are quickly picked up by your child, so make them positive reading and creative ones.
They may choose the same book to read over and over, but that is fine, it will speak to them on an emotional level and you can gradually introduce other books. Even if a child likes to read by themselves, it is worth reading to them when you introduce a new book, and also read a new book together. 
Children like to think about these stories later on, or even in the next few days after, and this can open up more communication when discussing parts of a story or book.
We want our children growing into adults who read frequently and reading is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Books are full of it! It is there right at your fingertips, so go to a library or arrange a visit, or a bookstore. Go online and find some e-books and many other wonderful books you may not find in a library.
Just read.
These can be precious times and bring bout enjoyment that will go with them through their life. 
How fulfilling as a parent or carer to give them this world! Start their adventure today and watch them grow. The rewards that follow are precious. Your time is precious to your child, your time is the best love and it is never too late.

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