Thursday, 9 March 2017

The secret of good writing is to just get started

Why is it sometimes it takes a lot of effort to just get on with it?  ..                                           

..the writing.
You have pens, notepads, digital and otherwise, but it still can look tricky. 
Here is what you can do to overcome that feeling of blank and to get on with the flow of writing.

Tips on writing 
Give yourself permission to write  nonsense. Write things down that don't make sense at first. Write badly. But once you have started to write that nonsense, the good stuff will soon start coming after.
All writers whether good or established do not always routinely feel wildly enthusiastic and confident. Not one of them writes masterful first drafts. 
So it is ok to write badly and illegible, as this is what is going to come before the legible elegant draft.

Just get those first few paragraphs or words down, any way you can manage. Think of the topic only when writing. This is key. Forget about sentence structure and grammar. Just concentrate on the topic when writing your first drafts. 

Then you must be firm with yourself.
Lock the door. Set yourself time. Turn the internet off initially, especially if you tend to procrastinate a lot and get side-tracked by what is trending on twitter.
Where, for example, you find yourself watching Youtube videos over on the dark side and wonder how you got to that point.
Yes, we all do that. 
Where you feel guilt for not texting back those people who have been waiting for a message, but they have seen you sharing posts to said social media page.

Back to writing.

Write what you want to write. Whatever it is, as if no one will read it. 
Refer back to your ideas you write down on scrap paper or diary. (If you don't do this you should, any little idea that pops into your head write it down for future reference.) 

Write every day and keep a blog or diary.

Try not to proofread as you are writing. There will be plenty of time for that later. Once grammar is learned, we then break all the rules, so write it down any old way.

Once you have finished a first draft leave it for a while, at least a week or so if possible. As then you go back to it brand new and see it with new eyes and see all the mistakes. Then you can correct it with an edit. This is then your first edit. 

Keep all your writings in the same place and no one is allowed to go near it. Always put the notebooks back in the same place. This makes life so much easier. 
The secret of a good writer is to just get started they say. I feel it is more likely the secret of  good writing is just to get started. 
Write those first few words down now.
Then congratulate yourself. 

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Friday, 20 January 2017

To all you writers out there ..

I have downloaded blogger to my phone. Whooo
It feels a bit strange and alien. Will it publish ok? Will it look the same as when I blog on the computer?
Well there is only one way to find out.
Back to "to all you writers out there"
Writing away, never giving up. Always striving to write that perfect sentence and hopefully inspiring book.
That's the thing, you, me, we never give up.
We might take a break to spend time with family, or life might have just got in the way and social media is put on the back burner.
We might not be telling everyone every single thing we are doing via social media.
Bit it doesn't mean we are not writing or editing or creating something new or wonderful.
So to all the writers out there plugging  away whatever the weather. Good for you! Well done. You should be more than proud. As you are survivors. Not quitters. Today and every day I salute all you authors that keep writing. And will always write. Support the writers!
I am back on social media after some time out. A new job, family, parent in laws illness took its toll and bringing about a lack of desire for social media.
Thank you to those who supported and stepped in to take the reins to stop us completely going the way of the tumbleweed. 
Keep your eyes open on Kid Literature twitter and instagram for the website which is complete but still on standby and for new books with new illustrations coming out!
Enjoy your January and be inspired this New Year.  Write down all you wish to achieve and your goals for the year.
After all you are an inspiration to so many.
Take care for now
Karen @kidliterature and @owlandcatbooks @teenypheenyowl
P.S I can't find how to put images in. Will sort this later. Cheery-bye x