Sunday, 27 August 2017

Kid Literature are looking for another key. Could that be you?

Kid Literature are looking for another key. Could that be you? 
Social media, organising time, and getting support are all here on this new blog.

 I was just getting into my post holiday blues phase after the most amazing holiday in Crete when social media started to take over again. 
I jumped right in to take my mind off the fact that I wasn't in a sunny hot country, going for long leisurely walks by the sea every morning and evening.
Then I decide to open my blogger. Which has been growing cobwebs at the most alarming rate. 
I mean I can manage everything right? The whole social media upkeep, with the likes and comments and the shares and the scrolling. Not forgetting the updates, regularly. Keep checking on those who like posts, and reciprocating whenever possibly. So what do you do when you have so much to keep up with?

You have to pick out the main things you want to stick with. You can't do everything and keep it going at top speed like clockwork. So something has to give. A few years back that something was me. Totally taking over my life, this social media lark, with all of the promoting and organising all of the statuses and photo posts and then going back to check on the messages. So your brain just doesn't get a rest.
It mushed my brain so much I became mentally unwell. I had to switch off for my own health.
Reading someone else's words and story helped me reaffirm my own life and prospective of things. I knew what I had to do all along, but just needed a gentle reminder from words of a friend.  It then came in the form of a swift kick from reality.
That sort of worked.

On holiday I decided to live for the here and now while looking forward to positive things in future. It helped blood pressure and anxieties. I also am learning not to think or care too much about others opinions, as we are all unique and yet all the same. Always a learning path to follow. I hope to always find like minded others on that path.

Organisation is the key. But what if you have so many apples to juggle? And you really do not wish to let any fall. Also having supportive like minded folk is another key. 
A key I need to find after I am back to full time promoting of kidlit-YA books and photos. 
So this blog is about finding that key. Maybe you are that key.
Kid Literature is after someone trust worthy who can support on social media. Mainly facebook, but twitter, facebook and instagram are the main ones. 
Once you have shown an interest, you can expect to have your book promoted and your posts retweeted.
I am also starting a review page. So all of the reviews are up on this already established facebook page, which gets promoted in twitter.

Send me an email if you would like to support and receive some free support back.
It makes the path of promoting and social media easier for you. All you have to do is be happy to share our posts and retweets get in touch NOW,no time to lose
 >> with this email >>
or send a message over at facebook to or

September is the month of the Sunday Sloth picture book. It has taken a while to get the illustrations and graphics correct ready for the kindle and ebook. Can't wait for it to go out in paperback! parents and kids watch out for some funny animal tea-time behaviour! Perfect for weekends, and shared reading. The parents will love it! find all updates at twitter handle@kidliterature  and our publishing brand name Owl and Cat books website!

The Sunday sloth book out 2017!

Take care book lovers. Don't forget to send me a message or email if you want some reciprocating support! Karen Emma Hall @ Kidlitertaure  in association with Owl & Cat books. 

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