Monday, 30 June 2014

Read about how to make a good reader.

There is nothing quite like positive action to start with when tackling the reading process.
Although even the word tackle can have some negative implications. To conquer; to succeed; to be successful- to enjoy- to be you, and be happy with you.
Getting back on topic though; and how easy is it as a parent or carer to encourage reading so it is instilled in your child? Where they pick a book up because they want to look through it and enjoy it, and not because you have told them too.
As well; how can we stay focused with a positive attitude and turn your full attention to a childs education?
If one carer or parent gives a child a little of their time 10 minutes a day to read, and the full attention is on the child then this child is having a good quality time in a relaxed enviroment.
If you are happy and relaxed, your child will see that you are.
Ten minutes can be with any close family member or carer/helper. Children love having that one to one moment, so this is why an enjoyable relaxed read together is such a good boost for you both.

 I have always known as an author that keeping notes and remembering where you put them is so important.
 -'keep a notepad to hand at all time, because you will always be needing it'.
Yes even as a parent juggling a few things, notepads are always good to have.
Even if you have a note-link app, or an ipad/iphone, still keep a basic pen, preferably a good working pen, and plenty of notepads. These things are like socks and spoons in the home when you have children. They vanish after a certain amount of time. So you need a decent supply.
I have written a book about the socks and the spoons! I had to.. I know all about them, and their vanishing tricks!   So....

                                Here is what to do to create building blocks for a new reader.

Be positive; do not push the situation if a child is reluctant. One step at a time. Remember this right at the start.
Allow them to see you enjoy reading; you can hardly ask a child to read if you will not go near a book and are nearly always on your mobile phones. You do not concentrate properly, or know what is going on around you, if you are constantly on your phone texting etc. (but you know this)
Make a list; get your notepad at hand, so you can write it all down when these moments arise. Do not sit looking at the pad wondering what to write. This does not work. Always these idea's come when you are busy making other plans, so keep it to hand for these moments.
Write down some books that might be good to start off with, books you can both read together. Find these either from your child's bedroom, library, and online. You can even find them from a Children's literature site. The KLA have some instant read aloud books as well as some free ebooks for you to try out.
Then read these books yourself first; this way you will find idea's come to you, so you can then write them down or you will forget. (there is only so much information we can hold in without something slipping away. We are not elephants.)
Keep a chart of what books you have read. Add stars! Children love star stickers or stickers in general, and rewards is the key. Let them choose where to hang their chart. Even if it is at the back of the wardrobe or under the cat's bed. It is their chart.
If you only read one or two pages initially, that is fine. All good. Chart this. By next week there is a progress. You cannot expect big things in one day. Any little change is progress. Just write it on the reading chart.
Children are motivated by rewards and praise. Remember this, it works.
Do not offer TV time as a reward. Try stickers, your time and your praise. This is the best thing you can give your child.

                                                   Reading is it's own reward.

Do not give up at the first hurdle. If it did not go as well as you would have liked at first, remember to stay positive. As like anything, it will take just a little while if you maintain this.
You need to know that when looking at the new reading chart, (you and your child can design and make together) that next week's progress will look different from this weeks.
Children need to know you are supporting them. They need to know they can always come to you for affirmation. To simply know you are there for them, and rooting for them. Rooting for your child is a must if you want to stay on the road to progression and soon success.
 When you hear your child, or a new/young reader struggling with a word, remind them of the words they have already learned. We tell them they can do it. We believe in them. We are patient. We are relaxed.
Children follow our moves. They look up to us as their carers and parents.

The real incentive to read can really be quite simple. If your children see you read, see you enjoy something, then they will more likely to read and be successful. It will pay dividends one day. I can almost promise that.

                                     All quotes and words by Karen Emma Hall. Founder of

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