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Words by Carmela Dutra

 Carmela Dutra is the author of the Lorenzo the Bear Series.
Carmela is a children's author and artist, a gifted photographer and has a passion for literature, especially children's literature. Carmela is also an admin for the kid literature community which you will find links for at the top of this page.

Words by Carmela Dutra  ~ Nothing is more magical for a child than being transported to a new world where they can explore and discover unknown things.  Carmela Dutra is very passionate about children’s literacy, which is the main reason she wrote this series for her niece and nephew. With no intention of it ever going public, she wanted to create something fun and special for them to read.

Encounter at Jellyfish Cove is the first in The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear series. The reader is introduced to  the main character Lorenzo the Bear, his new friend Lucy Bear, and Lord Boris the Red-Butted Baboon. While accompanying Lorenzo on his adventures, the reader learns the lesson of true friendship. Look for the next book in the Lorenzo series to make it’s debut soon.

In addition to writing and illustrating, Carmela Dutra is also a professional photographer. Working with children is her passion! Whether she captures their  whimsical nature with her camera, or with her stories, she hopes to encourage children to find their own passion for reading and writing.

“Literature has the ability to open up a whole new world to children, but we need to have a share in helping them to find that door and open it with them. Let’s set the example and help to foster this love of reading in our little ones. ”   ~ Carmela Dutra~

Carmela talks about Reading and Children's Literature
Do you like Children’s Literature? I do! I even managed to tract down some of the old books from my childhood, and yes I have reread them. Children’s literature is amazing! It’s so simple, and yet complex. The depth of the dialog, and colorful vivid illustrations are often times over looked. Sadly some have come to think of children’s literature as just that, CHILDREN’S literature. It’s for kids, and not of any interest to me as an adult.
Do you remember though what it was like to read those stories you had growing up? The carefree fun you had. Exploring, playing, and learning with them. You likely had your favorite book that had to be read over and over and over (you get the point) time and again.  Likely you loved that book just as much as your favorite toy (in some cases perhaps it was your favorite toy).
Children’s literature is more than just fun. It’s a powerful tool to teach children about the world, themselves, and others. Children’s literature motivates readers to think, enhances language, and promotes cognitive development. Quality literature takes children beyond their own lives, broadening their backgrounds, developing their imaginations, and enabling them to grow in understanding and respect for others.
Children can connect with the characters, events, places, and problems in literature on a personal level. Such affective responses to literature provide opportunities for students to become personally involved in reading and learning. Often times bonding with that book, and lessons it holds.
Children’s literature is diverse and varied. For example, children’s literature includes the following genres: picture books, contemporary realism, historical realism, fantasy, traditional literature, poetry, biography and autobiography, and informational books. The list can go on and on… and well, you get the quote 2
Children’s literature offers so much to children, but they also offer things to us as adults too. They remind of what it was like to young and innocent to things around us. They take us back to the time when we would climb into the lap of our parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. They hold memories for us that we might otherwise lose.
Please. Never underestimate what children’s literature holds, for children, and adults alike.

Carmela has a wonderful bear she would like to introduce to you.
I have a number of characters I would like to introduce you to, but sometimes simplicity is best right? And since my first book is out adnd the first in the series is titled The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear, I thought it would be best to focus on him.
What’s the name of your character? Is he/she a fictional or historic person?

Meet the Character: Lorenzo the Bear

In order to answer this, I have to give you a little background story. Lorenzo was actually one of my most treasured stuffed Bears as a child. Like most youngsters I was afraid of the dark, so sleeping was hard for me. My dad told me he had something that would help me, then he handed me a stuffed bear. He assured me that this bear would protect me from whatever it was that troubled me. I loved him so much! I named him the Brave Bear Lorenzo. So between Lorenzo, and a trusty nightlight, I was able to sleep again.
Thus, when I started writing for my niece and nephew who better to write about then my most beloved stuffed animal! For me, Lorenzo is most real, maybe not in the “traditional” sense. Even though he has a new home with my niece Desi, he will always be a part of my life.
When and where is the story set?

Poppy Hills Place is Lorenzo’s home town, where he has/is growing up. It’s filled with rolling hills, trees, a lake, and you guessed it. Poppies! Every story in this series will have some part in his home town. But remember, the title of this series is The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear. He will travel and explore new places, the only limit to his adventures is my imagination.
What should we know about him?
When my dad gave me Lorenzo, he said he would protect me so I could sleep. He told me that Lorenzo wasn’t like my other bears, he was brave, never fearing anything. I felt safe, like Lorenzo was always there when I needed him. That hasn’t changed. Lorenzo is still that same loveable, brave bear I had as a child. The only difference now, is that Lorenzo helps more than just me.

Lorenzo tells us  =You can come visit me in Poppy Hills Place. I do meet some not so nice animals like that evil pirate Lord Boris the Red-Butted Baboon! I had to swordfight him, then I gave him a good talking to! I try not to let my imagination stop me so I can always look for the good in others.

The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear is the name of the series. The first book Encounter at Jellyfish Cove has been published and received a 5-Star review from Readers Favorite. Encouter at Jellyfish Cove is available as an eBook, or print edition on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. He also has his own website
Can we expect any new books to be released?
I’ll let Lorenzo answer this, he’s jumping out of his seat.
-Yes! My next adventure Journey to Honeysuckle Mountain will be coming out very soon, you simply must be there for the release, it is beartastic!-


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