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World book day is globally celebrated

World book day is globally celebrated
Written by Karen Emma Hall for Kid Literature.

World Book Day Celebration!
Today, the 5th of March 2015, is World Book day!
Please read my blogs all about books and amazing interesting funny facts and a jolly good read. Best to have a cup or three of coffee or tea!
Settle down and enjoy Kid Literature's involvement with World Book day!
First of all I am out at schools today (two) to help organise reading events and fun dressing up. The dressing up will be of favourite book characters! So I am very excited for that.

All children on World Book Day are allowed to read and enjoy reading. There is no such thing as children who do not like reading; it's more likely that the right book has not found the child, and that is up to us as adults to show them their very own type of book they will love. How do you do this you ask? In a simple sentence or two, you would do this by enjoying reading and loving books yourself. Allow them to see you reading, spend time with them and picking out a book you would be enjoying together.

Make time to go to libraries. More than this, make it exciting and fun. When you wake up in the morning and you have a chart you have made about books showing the days you will visit the library or book store or charity book store, then find fun ways to get them excited to go! Do a countdown board. Cut out pictures of books, or even better get the children to colour in their own book activity sheet, like we have on our pinterest boards and our other platforms (Links above and below).
You will then be building confident readers, who turn into confident adults.

Every child has their own pace. Not all are interested in books or reading. But they do love or are drawn to certain topics. Find out what that is by enjoying listening to your child.
There is a world of books out there and a world of books for every topic!
Bring the two together, add in a child! Magic ingredients :)

For World Book Day you may be reading to a child? or a classroom! You may be judging a competition to draw interest and the fun aspect. Oh the enjoyment you will get! Oh the places they will go!

Dress up as their favourite character for the day. A lot of children worldwide are dressing up as their favorite character.
This makes all the children have fun. One child is not singled out over the other. Everyone is united. Everyone reads at their own pace, and this event helps inspire children forward on their own little path. Whether a large step or a small step, it is a step and it is their step. and so so important.
Tiny moves makes for bigger steps.

Always read to our children.  This proves particularly helpful when uncovering reading problems or confidence. It all boils down to confidence and they both go hand in hand.
Eventually they will go on to more complex narratives and a better character development. Do not be dissuaded by unsettling times or reluctance. You just keep on being positive and excited bout a reading day, or a day out with a picnic reading, wrapping books up as gifts and having a book day as a birthday or fun day.
It will come, just see! Believe in me.

Confidence allows a child to continue to build on their love of literature.

Come World Book Day some children are able to chose one of the characters from their favourite books. They may love this as they collected this book from a series they received for their Birthday!
The day your child asks for books on their birthday is a fine day.
Read about my daughter's love of reading here. My daughter has now got a lot of stories ready to go into books. She will be starting off with a novel that is light years ahed of her generation, read how she started here ! kidliteraturetoday.blogspot about a magical-being-sought-after-by-kids.html

So they can dress up as The worst Witch
Harry Potter characters
A broom!
A book
A cat in a hat!
A dinosaur
A hunger games character, or Lemony Snicket!
A teddy bear or a wolf!
A dog!
An owl, a cat or a magical fairy!!!!

It is always a pleasure to see children so excited by books.

You always remember this moment with happy warm feelings. You feel all snug inside like the Grinch did. Enabling children of your, mine, their future, to take a massive leaps in their own personal development. And you just see where their personal development takes them in the world, and the places they will go!.

Be happy when World Book Day comes around.  Celebrate!
We have always had the belief  at Kid Literature, that the joy of literature can communicate itself and that there are many ways to appreciate books. Follow is to see!
 Children choose characters in books that they identify with and this enables them to have a relationship with the book and with literature that is elevated above the mere task of seeing letters that form into words on a page.

 World Book Day

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