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Change your thought, you change your world! Karen Emma Hall

"Your thoughts are stars you can make milky ways and galaxy's with!"
-Articles for Kid Literature written by Karen Emma Hall

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
Have you ever noticed on occasions, whatever day it is, it still feels like a Monday? You wake up, the same feeling, the same sameness? So you hit the snooze button and hope when you next open your eyes it will be Tuesday or hopefully Friday?
Negative feelings can eat away at anyone's productivity and creativeness. And yet, how difficult is it, to reverse this pattern once it has slowly started to roll down this track?

Sometimes it feels as if the negative has a stronger impact on us than the positive. We should be remembering the good stuff, and not dwelling on the bad stuff.

Why is it, that our brains focus on the negative?  Is it due to the fact that we are made that way; because our genetics are deep embedded from the days when we were always on red alert to attack and survive? Yes, apparently, we are always on the look out for threats (negativity) in order to self protect. In today's world it doesn't always reflect reality. Some of us have re-trained our brains over time, but these deeply embedded instincts can overtake us on certain occasions. There is hope and positivity though. We can  rethink ourselves to anything we want!

 Once we become more mindful, by paying attention to the present moment without criticism and judgment, you open an awareness beyond the negativity, which can help bring back more balance and positivity into your mind.
Whenever you do specific tasks over and over again, they take up less of your brain power over time, so you learn something new. Your brain then changes its patterns.
If you are dwelling on the negative, your brain switches to negative, (then that negative ball is at a risk of  rolling out of control) so switch it to a better way of thinking. YES! When you understand this, you can change your behavior for the better!
Do this by looking for ways to help others, to be positive, to be happy. This allows good feelings to flow. Once you have this attitude, you become more insightful, which allows you to get back on the road to feeling more positive than negative, therefore retraining your brain.
 Pay attention to the present moment without criticizing and judging. Open an awareness beyond the narrowness of negativity. Do it over and over until you change your brain's pattern.
This will bring you right back on the positive track.

Depending on our personality and our life experiences is how we deal with every day issues. But once we know how to re-train our brain then the easier it is to cope. Some will have to focus and take time out to re-learn these things. Whenever negativity hits us and it is not in our control, it can seem as if all is lost. It is not. We have just hit that negative survival feeling again.
And you will find that path you once walked on that made you happy. If you re-train by doing these simple techniques over and over, you jump back quicker. You train your brain to happiness, just as you would with anything else, you repeat the process.. a lot.

Whenever a writer hits a lull, or a dry up or writing, or just can't bring themselves to do it, take time out and do something to make yourself happy. Even if it is a walk outside, or a trip somewhere, or retailing, or giving to others in any little way. It will bring you back to your natural balance, allow you to relax and re-focus.
read-  Are you meant to be a writer? are-you-meant-to-be-writer ? By Karen Emma Hall

This last week has been bittersweet like that. I was overjoyed to know that while visiting Amsterdam very briefly for a few hours, I would be stepping in to the Anne Frank house. A house that would be filled with the memories of those hidden away in the secret Annex and every person who stepped into this house felt as if they had stepped back in time.
- I do have my diary account of my visit to the Anne Franks house and I can't wait to share that (after I go there again this April).

It was also a sad time to learn about Terry Pratchett leaving us far to soon at the age of 66.

As a child, books can influence you and get you through difficult times as well as learning and enjoying new words, subjects and discoveries. Terry Pratchett provided warmth, humor, and the ability to make you look forward to reading the next day when your eyes would not stay open any longer in the early hours. They gave you courage and helped build confidence. The happy anticipation is your reward when looking forward to the next chapter or the next new book. This helped a lot of people get through a day.
Inspirational authors like Terry Pratchett spurred some people on to be writers.
If faced with a writer you admire, what could you possibly say that would convey just how important their work was to you? How they affected or changed your life? How you felt they could reach into your head and know how you feel and manage to put your thoughts down in ink in a way you could only hold in your head. They reach across a universe of readers and unite us all. As if to help us understand we all feel the same thing.

You will have bookshelves of your favourite authors and Terry's books would be among them. Terry was Britain's best selling author in the nineties. A genius of comic fantasy and creator of the Discworld series who sold more than 85 million books.
He could take one sentence and make you laugh or drag you into the story, and then you would be hooked. He made ordinary words look amazing, and his characters were so good. Terry was a creator of imagination and destination. He spun imagery before your eyes until you were transported there, and then made you laugh so hard, you wanted to stay there.
Reality and imagery, the foundations of your mind.
Terry lives on through his books and as authors we get that. We know we will live on through our books or our writing. Forever, as long as there are stars.
Written by Karen Emma Hall
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"Just think of it as leaving early to avoid the rush"
- Terry Pratchett:

“Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.”
- Terry Pratchett

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