Monday, 5 September 2016

This Summer I didn't blog, I spent time with my children.

  • This summer I didn't internet, text or email (much) and I didn't blog and to be quite honest and blunt I didn't get that much done in the way of work at all. I didn't meet targets or goals. Even the laundry got done on the familiar 'as and when' needed basis for a month. (It could be longer.)

  • Did I care?
  • No.
  • I might have done at one time, but these days getting less done had a positive influence over all as I  caught up pretty quick.. so all in all I found doing less was more.
  • So what was I doing instead?

  •  I spent all the time with my children. We went on walks, stayed up watching movies, went out for family days, went to the zoo, talked to the owls, the penguins, even stopped by to chat to a koala.
  • The best day was with the dolphins.We not only saw the dolphins in the wild putting on a spectacular show for us, (yes in the wild, of their own free will)  we also got to see them up close and personal at Zoomarine Portugal.
  •  We baked, we went to the bookstore, library and the book club, where we read stories to children and to owls and cats, (oh yes we did) real owls and real cats, and of course real children.
  • In fact we became more than real, we lived and we loved it.

  • We had sleepovers, we all sat on the bed in the morning sharing laughs and snuggles and laughed so hard at the antics of the cats who also try to climb in bed with us.

  • We ate picnics in parks and on beaches, we made things from old toilet roll holders and cereal boxes, we got everything out of the attic as if we were moving and sorted it out for charity and also discovered one or two things we thought we had lost. Best of all we shrilled with delight at the finds, as if in a car boot sale, or an old curiosity shop and revelled over old photos and old toys of yesteryear. 

  • And just like any other regular family there were sad times too. 

  • And sad that Summer is leaving us soon.
  • So very soon!
  •  Must I stop clinging onto the Summer days and long Summer nights with the chilled bedtime routine I love? I won't protest too much as long as we get an Indian Summer, and it's almost due in the UK.
  •  It does seem as if Summer spits and starts in July and August, and then decides to linger longer in September.
  • If this is to be, then I will accept September well, along with all the newness and colours and the bountiful goodness telling us Autumn is approaching. 
  • I will also take head on Spetember's goals. (Plus work, engagements, book releases, and art.)
  • So let's be sad only for a while and embrace what is around the corner.

Back to school
Whether excited or scared, all kids are going to feel apprehensive in one way or another when they start school for the first time or they go into a new year. So September is an amazing month with the start of the school year, and the tantalising feeling Autumn is approaching fast. Why, I could swear you can even smell it in the air, waiting around the corner ready to roll on in.

For the children: make sure you are reading to them until they pick the books up themselves to read without being asked. They will then love books as much as you, and also it really helps make them excited for school. 
                                It really is as simple as that.
                                So keep it up! 
                                Enjoy your September days :) 
                                P.S. photos are mainly from my personal collection of my                                                                          Summer, I have yet to sort them in order, but do I care? 


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