Monday, 28 April 2014

A magical being who is sought after! ( has a nose in a book at all times)

The Bookist! Or the book child. 

Out there in the world wanders a curious and  elusive creature, a magical being sought after by children and adults alike, a creature who is hunted, sought, copied, but never caught.

As a child, who begs for bedtime stories and always asks if she can read to herself (or in her head or silent reading)  before lights out. She reads at least two grades ahead of her age level, and always chooses young adult books over comic books or picture books.
Also as a child who never watches TV. She finishes at least a book a week, often more, and has read (and loved) ALL the classics. She is reading the Harry Potter series again for the third time! While having just finishing the Divergent trilogy. She has passages from Shakespeare and  Austen, committed to memory and can pull them out like plucking sweet cherries. She carries a back-pack of books wherever she goes, and has to have re-enforced bags that are not cheap, let me tell you! .. to hold the full weight of the heavy hard backs.
 She reads wherever she goes, it is her life , it is her life force.
What a wonderful and terrifying creature this reader is! 

What an honorable quest to undertake, and if you think for one minute this reader does not and cannot exist I am here to tell you she does! It is not a myth. Even if you think you know someone who fits this description, I promise you they will fall short in some way. Perhaps they sneak in a night of TV, or just don’t feel like reading some nights. This child somehow actually knew the alphabet all along! We though she learned quickly and was a genius, but no, it was already there, it had just sort of come to her when she picked up her very first books to read. .....Has bookcases of classical books alongside fairy tales of old....
..... She does however like to read the lego catalogue....... 
She is oblivious to anyone and everything, she is in her world, the last I heard it was a rather magical world, with her nose in her book. On all of the family photos she is on a sofa with a book while the rest of the family are getting doritos everywhere under the cushions and on the cat, while  making a happy fool of themselves doing as many selfie photos as they can. (She can still be seen in the photo, but her head is still in the book.)
She is perfectly happy, and we are perfectly envious. She keeps going back for more books the way Matilda does in the film, and we can only but follow the child's example. The good example being to always read what makes you happy.

Yes, if you were wondering... this child does exist, she does! and she is very dear to me :)

''If books are the tools that help readers travel through time and visit magical lands,  then a bookcase is a  toy box, and the library is the manuel of instructions''.  @Quote by Karen Emma Hall ~PeachyEmma
Everything else will magically fall into place.

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