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Follow said the Pied Piper and they did follow... The Musketeers of Children's Literature.

                                         Follow said the Pied Piper and they did follow...
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The Old Pied Piper of Hamelin

The  Musketeer from the Kid Literature Authors (KLA) come together from today the 15th day of April in the year of our lord 2014 to bring you a magic treasure trove of children's lit!
Lit as in literature. From bonny picture books, to captivating and enchanting stories that children will want to read again and again.
It was going to be the 4 Musketeers, then it grew to ten of us. Then some dropped out on the way. We have 5 main admin now and a lot of content contributors, who support by sharing and retweeting, as we do for them.
So as we start out on a new path together, to help and lift the spirits of each other and give you their combined knowledge in children's stories, books, literature, and illustrations for starters! and ... well that is not all we are also promoting your children's books and sites FREE! (More details to contact the kid lit team at above web page on fb) Yes we are a very creative bunch, and also have our own books out for you to check out, with some amazing stories, characters and pictures.

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                            So follow them on twitter! The pied piper said follow.. tweet tweet.

We met on twitter from across the globe (It sounds very romantic) but it is true! We bonded on twitter in our aim to get our books onto the e-readers of children and parents who will read them to their children. We want people to find us.

At present our customers are looking for us blindly in the dark, those children who do not possess a debit card to purchase our pocket money priced books, and sometimes free books, (you still need a debit card to get the freebies) we know you are out there somewhere, but haven't the foggiest which way to look, or what exactly to look for (or google) So unless some biggy publisher or media person comes along and plonks us smack bang in the middle of the highway of whsmith/  'book of the week' shelf then we will just have to continue on our quest, as hard as it may be of the lone indie publisher.
If that has not put you off then you must be doing the author/publishing thing because you enjoy it! I can give a lovely word or 2 of advice here, I will just squeeze it in here > ... if you do not enjoy writing and promoting your book then unfortunately it isn't even the slush pile for you. Even on days when only the slush pile will do. No, you will no doubt give it up as a bad job, as you have to at least enjoy writing and say to yourself anything else is a bonus.
I set myself a goal a few years back, and my goal was to have my book complete, the idea, a good introduction, a middle plot and ending all intact, good illustrations, good front cover, and if I was lucky to have it in hard copy! I am very happy to let you know I have achieved this to date so have also accomplished my initial goal. But as we know it is never good enough... now it would be nice if it could get to a few more children's bookshelves though.

As Authors we decided many heads are better than one, so the more times more people will hear about us, the more times it gets out in the right places, and the more children will get to read our books!
After all that is what we want. It is our aim.

Lost in a world of books! / Books

To get our lovely stories, illustrations, and idea's into the children;s hands we want reading them.
We want to sprinkle the magic about a bit.  We want our magic to enchant the little ones, and their parents, grandparents, teachers, and carer's.

We can all remember the time when we first got hooked into a book as a child. Where the magic began.
We may still have that book, or still remember the warm feeling it gave us and the memories it evoked when recalling it back to mind. It is like the first album we bought, never to be forgot. We also must remember the books we loved but can't for the life of us remember what the title was, or who the author was. We just liked the story, and still search for it from time to time through google/good reads.

So this blog is especially for the indie authors out there, doing their bit to get it out there. 
It is dedicated to the lovely Musketeer children's lit Authors who I have already named. They have their own little home, all together, like the big brother house where you can all go and peep in on them. You can even visit them, and talk to them! they will even let you put your own book up on to show it off, as they know whatever hand they help, will help them. Here it is here > click like to show your support, even better click like and leave a message. https://www.facebook.com/KidLiterature

Maybe you have them on your twitter, if not add them today, they love retweeting and replying back. After all they are all for one, and one for all.

Follow them said the pied piper...

Kid lit Authors brought to you by Karen Emma Hall

Have a good day and read a book :)
Love from the Kidliterature team. 

N.B we are still looking for another good media agent or publisher, please contact us on here or at captnjacksparrow@msn.com if you can help us. We are promoting free and any help will be appreciated. 

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